Thursday, April 16, 2009

falsies *

hey ladiessss*

When I go out at night or on special occasions I love to play up my eyes, since my own lashes are so thin and straight. So this Easter I figured why not? duh,  i love love loveeeee falsies from MAC! Plus my boyfriends birthday was that Saturday, so we went to P.F. Changs in Princeton(wonderful food w/nice price*). The falsies* are so affordable ($12) a pair and you can get a lot of use from of them, depending on how you treat them =)

So I purchased lashes 32's and  34's...YES 34's are far more glamourous and more fun than the smaller 32's but I'll wear my 32's for filling in between gaps during the day and at night i can play them up with my 34's =) I recommend applying falsies* with DUO adhesive from MAC because it's best! (in black)

                 Lash 34*        

           Lash 32*           

MAC's DUO adhesive:

my bf and I (w/ 34's on)*

                          yours truly =)                     

 best room service cake ever! coldstones*yum..

 some easter... (=
hope everyone had a great easter weekend! will post more soooonnn*

goodnight everyone (=
xo iris*


Sarah said...

WOW you are STUNNING! Seriously! Love your eyelashes, they look fantastic and soooo glamorous!