Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another mini-haul*

hey everyone!

About two weeks ago i picked up MAC's blot/pressed powder and the MUA gave me medium/dark, but when i used it it left a white sheen on my face, and let me tell you that i'm already pale enough and don't need any more help. So yesterday i went back and exchanged it for dark which is one shade darker. In person the blot powder looks a lot darker in the compact, but once its on my face it matches perfectly! I was thrilled, i was scared it was gonna be too dark. I love love love blot powder, i'm super oily and it really helps with setting my foundation and for midday touch ups!
And this past saturday my friend and i took a trip to the CCO and i picked up MAC's "go" eyeshadow. I love this too! I wore it the following day to easter dinner and it looked so pretty with the pale pink cardigan i wore (also from the CCO, juicy couture!). Its got just enough shimmer and its such a pretty color, great for dressing up or just an everyday eye. I'm really loving neutrals lately and this looks great with my "naked lunch" eyeshadow. 
the cco had so many other eyeshadows i wanted to buy, but unfortunately they didn't have those out to swatch, and i didn't want to purchase anything without being able to see the color on my skin first, so i just walked away with one, the other colors can wait, although "aquadisiac" is calling my name.

i hope everyone had a great easter! we took lots of pictures, i'll upload them as soon as i can!



Sarah said...

That eyeshadow is beautifullll!!!! It is so exciting when you find the perfect match for your skin colour! Thanks for you comment you are a sweetheart : )